Rental Policies

Preferred Guests of Acker Vacation Homes & Suites:
– Corporate Professionals
– Mature Adults
– Families with 2+ generations present
– Those that are wanting rest and relaxation without the house parties
– College, University Students and corporate employees for monthly rentals September – May

ABSOLUTELY NO PARTIES AT OUR PROPERTIES: Acker Vacation Homes are situated in quiet and safe residential communities and the owners and neighbors have zero tolerance for noise. We offer rest, relaxation & recovery for our guests. We appreciate your consideration for all other guests / neighbors and ask that you observe the neighborhood noise by-law between 10:00pm-10:00am and this sign is also posted on the patios. This quiet time referrers to both inside and outside the homes. All properties have Owners, Managers or Caretakers living onsite and monitor these policies. Should your comfort be disrupted during your stay, please call our guest registration office at any time. Our Property Management office is available 24/7 at 250-979-8625

What Not To Bring: The homes are not equipped with stereos / ghetto-blasters or boom-boxes for a reason. We ask that you do not bring or use any of your own stereo equipment at our homes.

Reservations, Payments & Deposits: The 100% payment will be charged to your credit card at time of reservation and you will be issued a guaranteed reservation email. This same credit card must be presented at check-in for an imprint authorization. Payments can be made by all credit cards through us directly or by Google-Checkout, PayPal, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club/Enroute and JCB Cards.

Additionally a minimum 50% security deposit payment is also required at time of reservation and refundable within 24 hours after departure back to the same credit card provided all rental terms have been adhered to and when it has been confirmed that the home was left to normal check in condition except for the used towels and bed linens which our housekeepers will clean.

Arrivals / Check-ins / Late Arrivals / Departures / Check-out / Late Checkout: Check-in begins after 4:00 pm. If you require the room before 4:00 pm or much earlier we recommend that you to reserve the previous night to be sure you have access to the room. Check outs are no later than 11:00am unless otherwise arranged. In most cases checkouts later than this are charged $40/ hour x number of rooms. In most cases all charges are pre-paid therefore checking out involves locking the keypad door or just dropping the keys off at the main registration office mail box. If you are checking out earlier then 9:00 am please let our office know so that we can schedule housekeeping more efficiently.

100% Non-Smoking Property: Smoking is not permitted inside or outside of our rental properties. If there is evidence that smoking has occurred inside the property you will be charged a minimum of $250.00 x rooms rented and will be asked to leave the property. Please do not burn candles on the property.

Pet Policy: Only one of our properties is pet friendly. Please make prior arrangements with us if you would like to bring your pet. We only accept small non-shedding pets. A $40 / night pet fee applies. Your pet is not to be left alone/unattended in the room or on the property at any time. Kelowna has comparably priced boarding kennels if both you and your pet would like a holiday. If there is evidence that a pet had been brought to the property without prior consent you will be charged a minimum of $250.00 x rooms rented.

Room Rate Quotes & Discounts: Room rates can change daily and the rates advertised on this website are not guaranteed until you have a guaranteed reservation made by your credit card. Discounts & promotions cannot be combined and are not available on long holiday weekends. A reservation is only guaranteed once the credit card has been charged and all documents have been signed.

Extra Person(s) Vs Extra an Bedroom: As there is only 1 king bed per bedroom, every property is priced with a maximum of 2 adults per bedroom. Unless previously arranged an extra person(s) in the suite is not permitted. There is a $100/ night fee for an extra person and this is approximately the same price for an extra bedroom with King Bed. If available it would make sense (cents) to pay for an extra bedroom. No visitors after 10:00 pm. Extra overnight guests must first register with the registration office.

Damages: If any damage is found or caused, Guests agree to report this IMMEDIATELY to the Manager of the property by calling the telephone number +1-250-979-8625.

Team or Group Reservations: Teams or groups are required to provide references from a minimum of 2 hotels that they have stayed with in the past 2 years. When renting 2 or more homes: Each home is privately owned and in most cases owner occupied. Please do not allow extra people to gather at any one property. Please do not remove items from one property and take them to another.

Cancellations: A penalty equal to 100% of total stay will be applied. If a the minimum 50% security payment has been charged, this amount will be refunded. No refunds will be made for no-shows, early checkouts, cancellations or monthly rentals.

Monthly Rentals: Require a minimum of 50% security payment of the 1st months rent. Monthly rentals are responsible for their own cleaning supplies, toiletries and other consumables once the items supplied are used up. Housekeeping services provided by us would be an additional fee. There is a surcharge should any of the utilities exceed the yearly and/or monthly average and is payable when notified. Please keep the waterproof mattress covers on at all times unless washing and please hang and air dry only.

Your Cleaning Duties: These are self catered units, If your suite is equipped with a dishwasher and/or a in-suite laundry room you are responsible for this portion of the cleaning during your stay.

Conditional *** No Extra Cleaning Fees at Check-out: We do not charge an additional cleaning fee provided the home was left in normal check in condition except for used towels and bed linens which our housekeepers will clean. These homes are self catered and if your suite is equipped with a dishwasher and/or a in-suite washer/dryer laundry room you are responsible for this portion of the cleaning during your stay. Please help keep your vacation home clean and remove outdoor foot ware on all carpeted surfaces.

Additional Housekeeping: Should you require additional housekeeping during your stay, we offer on call housekeeping service for an additional fee of $40 / hour. Housekeepers start at 12:00 Noon. We ask that the rooms be vacant so that housekeeping can do their cleaning unobstructed.

Guests cleaning responsibilities prior to the 11:00am check-out:
1. Put all dirty towels & linen in the laundry room and (start washing machine if available)
2. Put all dirty dishes in the sink or (start dishwasher if available)
3. Put all garbage/recycling collected in the designated area just outside the garage door. These large bins with wheels are to be placed at the street by 7:00am on Thursday of each week. After each check-out our professional housekeepers will then thoroughly make sure that the suites are fully cleaned and stocked, clean dishes are put away, clean towels are folded and clean linen are made in the beds for the next guests to arrive.

Disclaimer: Acker Vacation Homes acts as booking agent for the home owner(s): Acker Vacation Homes are booking agents and specialize in the booking of privately owned vacation properties acting as agent for the owners of the properties. Acker Vacation Homes is not liable in any way as a result of any act or omission of an owner of a represented property, the condition or state of the property. The owners and agents of the rental accommodations that Acker Vacation Homes represent shall not be held liable for any damage, injuries, illness, or weather related problems or any circumstances beyond their control occurring during or affecting a guest’s reservation or stay.

Acker Vacation Homes and the owners of the property have the right to evict any guest and/or party, all pre-paid rents, deposits and purchases shall be considered earned and therefore be retained by the property owners. Acker Vacation Homes reserves the right to refuse or interrupt service to any customer and apply financial penalties due to excessive noise or property abuse.

Contractual Agreement: A confirmed reservation by way of Internet, email, telephone or fax represents notice to guests of these terms and conditions, regarding waiver of liability, cancellations and security agreement. Clients are deemed to have read and agreed to the above mentioned policies. Should there be something in these policies that you do not understand or need to read again, this document is available on our website, available at the check-in counter and is posted in all rooms.

Extract from R.S.B.C 2003, Chapter 7
3.(1) (1) No innkeeper is liable to make good to a guest loss of or injury to goods or property brought to the inn, except if the goods or property have been
(a) stolen, lost or injured through the wilful act, default or neglect of the innkeeper or the innkeeper’s servant, or
(b) deposited expressly for safe custody with the innkeeper, except that in case of the deposit the innkeeper may require as a condition of liability that the goods or property be deposited in a box or other receptacle, fastened and sealed by the person depositing the goods or property.
(2) If the vehicle of a guest has been delivered to the custody of the innkeeper or the innkeeper’s servant expressly for storage or parking in a place specifically reserved and designated by the innkeeper for the storing or parking of vehicles, the liability of the innkeeper is that of a bailee for reward.
5.(1) Every innkeeper must keep conspicuously posted in the office and public rooms and in every bedroom in the inn a copy of section 3, printed in plain type.
(2) An innkeeper is entitled to the benefit of section 3 for the goods or property brought to the inn only while the copies are posted.
6.(1) In this section, “disturbance” means a disturbance of the peace of an occupant of an inn by fighting, screaming, shouting, singing, or otherwise causing loud noise in the inn.
(2) An innkeeper or an innkeeper’s representative, must request that a person who is causing a disturbance
(a) desist, and
(b) if the person fails to desist or again causes a disturbance, leave the inn immediately unless the innkeeper or the innkeeper’s representative believes on reasonable grounds that there is a risk of harm to the innkeeper or the innkeeper’s representative by making the request.
(2) If an innkeeper or an innkeeper’s representative believes on reasonable grounds that there is a risk of harm to the innkeeper or innkeeper’s representative by making the request under subsection
(3), the innkeeper or innkeeper’s representative must request that a peace officer make the request under that subsection.
(4) A person who fails to comply with a request under subsection (2) commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of not more than $2,000.
(5) An innkeeper or an innkeeper’s representative who fails to make a request required under subsection (2) or (3), as applicable, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of not more than $2,000.
(1) Every one who fraudulently obtains food, a beverage or accommodation at any place that is in the business of providing those things is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction
(2) In proceedings under this section, evidence that an accuse obtained food, a beverage or accommodation at a place that is in the business of providing those things and did not pay for it and
(a) made a false or fictitious show or pretence of having baggage,
(b) had any false or pretended baggage,
(c) surreptitiously removed or attempted to remove his baggage or any material part of it,
(d) absconded or surreptitiously left the premises,
(e) knowingly made a false statement to obtain credit or time for payment, or
(f) offered a worthless cheque, draft or security in payment for the food, beverage or accommodation, is, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary proof of fraud.
(3) In this section, “cheque” includes, in addition to its ordinary meaning, a bill of exchange drawn on any institution that makes it a business practice to honour bills of exchange or any particular kind thereof drawn on it by depositors. R.S., c. C-34, s. 322; 1994, c. 44, s.23.

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